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First Published: 15-11-2023;

33,000+ Gazans killed by Israeli war on enclave. | UN finally passes ceasefire resolution.

Updated: 26-03-2024.

UN has finally successfully passed an immediate ceasefire proposal in Gaza, and this came as a shock to Israel, who is killing Palestinians in Gaza every day.

The special factor of the voting and the resolution was the absenting of the United States.

Gaza death toll rises to 33,000+, around 1000+ Military vehicles belonging to Israel partially or entirely destroyed: reports claim.

Palestine-Israel updates Gaza: Around 1.9+ Million Palestinians in Gaza are said to be displaced, due to bombing and invasion.

Israel has also reported soldiers casualty rise, since 7 October, some reports estimates 800+ Israeli troops have been either killed or injured. Some other reports say that this number could be as high as 2000+.

Previously covered, updates:

Israel is bombing Gaza's Southern part relentlessly after a temporary truce (brokered by Qatar mediation), which lasted 7 days. Israel re-started its war in Gaza on 01 December 2023, Israel killed 1,000 of Palestinians in just 48 hours of ceasefire end.

Israel faces increased casualties:

Israel soldiers casualty since 7 October passes 400+ according to various reports. While resistance group in Gaza said it has targeted and destroyed 100s of military vehicles including Israeli Markava tanks in Gaza.

100s of Military vehicles belonging to Israel destroyed since 7 October: reports.

Many estimates suggest that the war against Hamas in Gaza is proving out to be very costly for Israel. Some estimates say, more than 50 billion dollars would be the cost of the war. On top of that, soldiers daily being killed in the battle, also a huge blow to Israel.

Number of Palestinians killed in Gaza and other occupied territory has increased rapidly:

Israel has killed more than 26,000 Palestinians in Gaza alone and, other parts of Palestine occupied by Israel has seen 100s of civilians deaths as well, by Israeli forces and settler violence.

The number of Palestinians, captives in Israeli jails, has grown to more than 10,000 since 7 October. This is notable that previously occupation had more than 6,000 Palestinians in its jails, which rapidly increased and passed 10,000 in just around 60 days.

According to reports online Palestinian Red Crescent said, "First batch of aid trucks since the truce ended enters Gaza." While concerns rise over the delivery of aid amid continuation in the severe war and bombing.

Israeli army says it has hit more than 400 targets overnight, including in the southern Khan Younis area where tens of thousands of civilians evacuated to over the past month: reported by Al Jazeera

• Israel dropped leaflets telling people to evacate from southern parts as well. This followed with bombing in southern parts including Khan Younus area, Khan Younis area where tens of thousands of civilians evacuated to over the past month.

A temporary ceasefire that lasted 7 days, ended on December 01, and Israel started pounding bombs on the enclave again, resulting in killing of civilians, including children of all ages.

Israel-Gaza 4 day truce is set to end today, will the world let bloodbath to continue?

Israel has released 117 Palestinians from occupation jails, as part of the truce deal, it has taken 116 new Palestinians captive in the occupied West Bank: reports.

• 27 of November marked the 4th and final day of the temporary truce between Hamas and Israel.

• Around 15,000 plus Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombardment and ground invasion, since 7 October.

• More than 10,000 , Palestinians are held captive in Israeli Jails. Israel has arrested 4,000 labourers from Gaza and more than 1,000 people in the occupied West Bank, after 7 October, Palestinian officials say.

Hamas-Israel agreed to a 4 day truce, mediated by the great efforts from Qatar, Egypt, since 7th of October.

• Israel soldiers casualty since 7 October, 380+: reports.

• Palestinian death toll passes 13,500+, including at least 5,500 children, 3,500 women: reports.

Hamas released a statement stating the deal which was successfully negotiated between the two parties, some points from the deal are as follow:

• 50 Israeli captives held in Gaza, will be released, in exchange of 150 Palestinian prisoners will be released from Israeli prisons, under the age of 19 years, in order of time imprisoned.

• Hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian relief (food, water etc), Fuel, and medical aid will reach all areas of the Gaza Strip without exception.

• A halt of all Israeli military actions, movement of military vehicles in enclave and a stop of military vehicles and other crossing in to Gaza, in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

• The cessation of Israeli in the Gaza Strip. The cessation of all hostilities from both sides.

• Israeli military overflights in the southern Gaza Strip will be halted for four consecutive days.

• Israeli military overflights in the northern Gaza Strip will be limited to six hours daily.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement confirmed that it would be party to the partial prisoner swap deal. "Affirming their steadfastness in regards to their prior stance, the PIJ noted that all non-civilian captives (Israeli soldiers) will only be released if all Palestenian prisoners are liberated."

Palestinian death toll passes 13,000+, including at least 5,500 children, 3,500 women: reports.

• Israel is forcefully displacing people from Northern Gaza including, Al-Shifa hospital's patients, doctors, people who took shelter, premature babies to southern Gaza. Many reports claim inhumane and barbaric acts were on display while the displacement happened, including reports of live ammunition fired at people leaving for southern Gaza.

IDF soldiers killed in Northern Gaza so far:

IDF announces the deaths of two soldiers during fighting in the northern Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll to 63. Hamas too has published videos claiming to have destroyed many tanks and military vehicles beloging to Israel, including one of its finest, and one of the world's top tank Markava IV. According to various reports 100s of military vehicles of IDF has been destroyed by Hamas fighters and other groups fighting IDF in Northern Gaza.

• Israel soldiers casualty since 7th of October reached 375+, according to various reports.

Israel is forcing a starvation death to people of Gaza, casualties reported due to starvation according to reports, published on X (formerly known as Twitter.)

Palestinian Death toll reached 11,300 due to inhumane bombing by Israel on Gaza. | Al-Shifa Hospital (largest in Gaza) stormed by Israeli soldiers.

• A UNICEF fuel truck is seen entering Gaza via Egypt’s Rafah crossing. It’s the first such delivery to the besieged strip since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war.

Day 37: Israel continue vicious bomardment on Hospitals in Gaza.

Children Hospital, Al-Shifa Hospital alongside other top medical facilities in Gaza are being repeatedly being attacked by Israel, health officials in Gaza, said attacks on hospitals are direct death sentence to patients.

• Arab countries have failed to prevent or to stop the bloodbath in Gaza, as so far 11,000+ Palestinians have been killed, and 1Million+ have been displaced. While the Israel onslaught is continued.

• Israel soldiers casualty in Gaza incursion: 350+.

• Israel armed vehicles including tanks destroyed by Hamas (Palestinian armed group, and governing party in Gaza), 100+.

Israel agreed on 4 hours of pause every day, in what is called “suspending fighting for four hours on a daily basis” in order to allow Palestinian civilians to flee from northern Gaza, according to the US.

Yemeni armed faction Houthis has hit Israel for the fourth time since 7th of October, when Hamas launched operation “Al-Aqsa Flood”, the group has once again launched multiple ballistic missiles, targeting Israeli military targets in Eilat, and at various other locations, Houthis military spokesperson said.

Yahya Saree was quoted by the Houthi-run Al Masirah TV as saying the operation “reached its objective and led to direct casualties”, without providing more details: Al Jazeera reported.

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