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World of Currencies: A Complete List of Currencies, Full Forms, and Their Corresponding Countries.

Story: List of top currencies around the world, and their origin? ; 06-12-2023;

List of currencies around the world with their full form and the country they belong to:

Here we have listed for you a comprehensive guide to currencies around the world, with currency names, and country they originated from. We have also tried to create comparison, on how strong is a currency around the world. Learn if your country's currency is high ranking among others, or it needs improvement in the global market.

NOTE: This list is based on some data available on internet, and tools, and we cannot to guarantee 100% correctness of the data in this article, the data changes frequently as currencies perform differently around the world quite frequently.

• SAR: short form for: Saudi Arabian Riyal. Origin Country: Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is one of the key country in the global economy, and has strong oil based economy. The currency is popular (in terms of how many people use it globally) and is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 3.75 SAR per USD.

Saudi Arabian government plays a vital role in maintaining the global oil supply, and has a leadership role in OPEC and OPEC+ (alongside with big players like Russia, Iran etc). Oil plays key factor in global currencies, economies and stability, if oil supply disrupts for a short period, currencies like USD belonging to countries like US would fall dramatically alongside other powerful currencies around the world. Because Crude Oil powers the day-to-day operations, which in return power the economy, and strong economy makes a strong currency on the global arena.

• USD : short form for: United States Dollar. Or: US Dollar. Country: United States.

The United States Dollar is widely recognized and possesses considerable power in the global market USD is a majorly used currency worldwide (in terms of how many people use it). The IMF's (International Monetary Fund), SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket, has given 43% weight to the USD, this shows the significant global influence, of US Dollars.

Share in the global foreign exchange (Forex) market: 60.2%.

USD has trade volume of around 14,900 (USD Billion.) according to data.

• KWD: short form for: Kuwaiti Dinar. Origin Country: Kuwaiti.

The Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) has the strongest exchange rate against major currencies like the US dollar. Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) worth roughly 3.26 USD, at the time of writing this article. Kuwait is oil rich country, with solid oil reserves and has a stable economy, making KWD a powerful currency in the world.

• BHD: short form for: Bahraini Dinar. Origin Country: Bahrain.

Bahraini Dinar is the 2nd most strongest currency, based on exchange rate against USD. Bahrain is also a oil rich, and stable country with good solid economy. This makes BHD one of the strongest currency in the world.

• OMR: short form for: Omani Rial. Origin Country: Oman.

The third most powerful currency, based on exchange rate against USD, is Oman Rial with 1 OMR worth roughly 2.59 USD.

• EUR: short form for: Euro. Origin: European Union (19 member states.)

The Euro has 29.23% weight in SDR basket, as of October 2023 review (this makes it the second-most important currency in the basket after the US dollar 43.03% weight).

Share in the global foreign exchange (Forex) market: 19.3%.

EUR has trade volume of around 11,000 (USD Billion.) according to various data online.

• CNY: short form for: Chinese Yuan. Or: Renminbi. Origin Country: China.

CNY is the third largest currency in terms of trade volume worldwide, with around 10,700 (USD Billion) worth trade, is done in CNY, according to data.

CNY's weight in the SDR basket was 12.25% as of October 2023. This made it one of the most important currency in the basket.

• JPY: short form for: Japanese Yen. Origin Country: Japan.

JPY has trade volume of around 7,300 (USD Billion.) according to data online.

Japanese Yen's weight in the SDR basket was 8.84%, according to data available online. While its share in the global foreign exchange (Forex) market is 3.9%.

• AED: short form for: United Arab Emirates Dirham. Origin: United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has strong and stable economy, due to famous tourist destinations and global hub Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and, the AED is also pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 3.6725 AED per USD. This makes it one of the world's top currency as well.

• GBP: British Pound. Or British Pound Sterling. Origin: United Kingdom.

British Pound Sterling (GBP) has 16.85% weight in the SDR basket.

Share in the global foreign exchange (Forex) market: 4.3%. The British Pound is used in 6,700 (USD Billion) worth of trade worldwide, according to data online.

Some other powerful currencies around the world:

• AUD: short form for: Australian Dollar. Origin Country: Australia.

• CHF: short form for: Swiss Franc Origin Country: Switzerland.

• CAD: short form for: Canadian Dollar. Origin Country: Canada.

• INR: short form for: Indian Rupee. Origin Country: India.

• SGD: short form for: Singapore Dollar. Origin Country: Singapore.

• NZD: short form for: New Zealand Dollar. Country: New Zealand.

• RUB: short form for: Ruble. Origin Country: Russia.

At the time of writing this piece the exchange rate of RUB to 1 USD was approx 62.17 RUB. Due to war with Ukraine and Western sanctions, the RUB has weakened significantly against the USD. While report show the decline is around 40%, to pre-war time. Russia's Ruble has weight of 0.57% in IMF's SDR basket, as of October 2023.

• MXN: short form for: Mexican Peso. Origin Country: Mexico.

• IDR: short form for: Indonesian Rupiah. Origin Country: Indonesia.

1 USD has a exchange rate of around 15,136 IDR (at the time of writing this), while the currency is stable.

• MYR: short form for: Malaysian Ringgit. Origin Country: Malaysia.

MYR is pegged to a basket of currencies (like USD, EUR). Malaysian Ringgit has Exchange rate of 1 USD = 4.27 MYR (at the time of writing.)

Currencies that need improvement:

• NPR: short form for: Nepalese Rupee. Origin Country: Nepal.

• PKR: short form for: Pakistani Rupee. Origin Country: Pakistan.

Pakistani Rupee has been struggling to maintain its value against Dollar for a quite a while now, and one USD to worth around 217 PKR (at the time of writing), which is significant low if we compare to historical data. It is a floating currency (value is determined by the market forces of supply and demand.)

Pakistan has political instability going on for a long time, and has seen worst of natural disasters recently, this makes economy weaker, and hence the Pakistani Rupee lowered in value in the world. On top of that, Pakistan has massive international borrowing. And lower exports or internal generates, which are putting pressure on its economy as well.

PKR can be termed a popular currency as well, in terms of number of people around the world use it, and the fact that the country has been always in the headlines, or PKR being in talks globally.

• LYD: short form for: Libyan Dinar . Origin Country: Libya.

• AFN: short form for: Afghan Afghani. Origin Country: Afghanistan.

Afghanistani currency is one of the weakest in this list due to political instability in the war torn country, with the exchange rate of 1 USD equals to around 91 AFN (at the time of writing.)

Natural disasters in recent times, long term war, and conflict zone and low export rate against what country imports, makes the economy weak, and it resulted in the weakened Afghani currency.

Our indicator bar for Strength of Currency:

Currency Short Form For Origin Country Strength
SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal Saudi Arabia
USD United States Dollar United States
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar Kuwait
BHD Bahraini Dinar Bahrain
OMR Omani Rial Oman
EUR Euro European Union
CNY Chinese Yuan China
JPY Japanese Yen Japan
GBP British Pound United Kingdom
AUD Australian Dollar Australia
CAD Canadian Dollar Canada
INR Indian Rupee India
NZD New Zealand Dollar New Zealand
SGD Singapore Dollar Singapore
RUB Russian Ruble Russia
MXN Mexican Peso Mexico
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham United Arab Emirates
IDR Indonesian Rupiah Indonesia
MYR Malaysian Ringgit Malaysia
NPR Nepalese Rupee Nepal
PKR Pakistani Rupee Pakistan
LYD Libyan Dinar Libya
AFN Afghan Afghani Afghanistan
Strength: Strong (5) Moderate (3-4) Weak (1-2)
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